Gear Ratio

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gear ratio

[′gir ‚rā·shō]
(mechanical engineering)
The ratio of the angular speed of the driving member of a gear train or similar mechanism to that of the driven member; specifically, the number of revolutions made by the engine per revolution of the rear wheels of an automobile.
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Gear Ratio


(1) In a gear drive, the ratio of the number of teeth of a pinion to the number of teeth of a gear, u = z2/z1.

(2) In a worm gear, the ratio of the number of teeth of a worm wheel to the number of threads of a worm.

(3) In a chain drive, the ratio of the number of teeth of the larger sprocket to the number of teeth of the smaller one.

(4) In a belt drive or nonregulated friction drive, the ratio of the diameter of the larger pulley or roller to the diameter of the smaller.

The gear ratio is also used in the design of multiple reduction gears. In contrast to the transmission ratio, the gear ration is always greater than or equal to 1.

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[27] concluded that the inherent lower mechanical efficiency of CVT is a major obstacle to exploit its advantage of smooth and continuous variation of gear ratio. AMT is the next alternative form of multi-speed transmissions for EVs specially with larger vehicle size.
"You don't want to go too fast, like I've seen guys use 8 or 9:1 gear ratios and they can't get those big fish out of the heavy cover.
The variation of the first transmission functions [chi]'(s) shows a low influence for various normalized eccentricities [e.sub.S] / [l.sub.1] given in Table 2, constant normalized crank value [l.sub.4] / [l.sub.1] = 0.5 and the gear ratio [rho] = 1 (Fig.
Wheel output torque can be used to calculate engine torque according to gear ratio and on the basis of some assumptions, like the efficiency of gearbox as in (3).
While baitcasters have gotten more attention, Abu Garcia released the Revo Rocket spinning reel in 2015, with a 7:1 gear ratio. This uptick in gear ratio realizes major increases in line winding speed, expressed in IPT (Inches Per Turn).
The IWM operates from 0 to 13,726 RPM in the first/second motor speed range based on the first gear ratio of 49-to-1 (for low speed and high torque).
The new models share their architecture with the standard mDRIVE HD, including reinforced internal components and the same gear ratios for the 12 forward speeds.
Likewise, if you have a 5 tooth front sprocket and a 15 tooth rear sprocket, the front sprocket will have to rotate three times in order to rotate the rear sprocket once, and the gear ratio of this arrangement would be 3:1.
Namely, the numbers of PM pole-pairs in the input and output rotors are online changed by properly magnetizing relevant PM pieces, hence changing the gear ratio of the magnetic gear.
The Command Thrust models use the same bigger gearcase housing as the Mercury 150 FourStroke, but with an all-new 2.38:1 gear ratio.
What led to the different gear ratio? Unfortunately, every boat is a compromise.
Variable gear ratio steering, increased track and larger diameter wheels with lower profile tyres allow for even better handling than the highly acclaimed outgoing Swift that first went on sale five years ago.