Gear Ratio

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gear ratio

[′gir ‚rā·shō]
(mechanical engineering)
The ratio of the angular speed of the driving member of a gear train or similar mechanism to that of the driven member; specifically, the number of revolutions made by the engine per revolution of the rear wheels of an automobile.
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Gear Ratio


(1) In a gear drive, the ratio of the number of teeth of a pinion to the number of teeth of a gear, u = z2/z1.

(2) In a worm gear, the ratio of the number of teeth of a worm wheel to the number of threads of a worm.

(3) In a chain drive, the ratio of the number of teeth of the larger sprocket to the number of teeth of the smaller one.

(4) In a belt drive or nonregulated friction drive, the ratio of the diameter of the larger pulley or roller to the diameter of the smaller.

The gear ratio is also used in the design of multiple reduction gears. In contrast to the transmission ratio, the gear ration is always greater than or equal to 1.

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To minimize inventory requirements, the roller is versatile and can be used with multiple frame widths and gear ratios. The 24-volt powered V24 operates at 35 fpm and up.
"It's kind of like riding a bike; you want the slower gear ratios forgoing uphill, which is like having a lot of grass on your line, and you want a faster gear ratio when you're going downhill, which is when you're fishing open water."
High gear ratios create more torque, so the frame must be strengthened and stabilized to prevent flex.
The new models share their architecture with the standard mDRIVE HD, including reinforced internal components and the same gear ratios for the 12 forward speeds.
The alternative XV powerplant, a 150PS 2.0-litre normally aspirated petrol unit, gets longer gear ratios too.
By properly designing the number of iron segments in the modulation ring, namely 37, the proposed axial-field MVG can offer 8 discrete sets of gear ratios, namely from 0.19 to 5.16.
The 9HP is packaged and despite the extra three gear ratios is only 0.24 inches (6mm) longer and actually weighs 16.5 lbs (7.5kg) less than the outgoing six-speed transmission.
(1,250 oz.-in.), though custom gear ratios can be configured to meet almost any application need.
With eight gear ratios available (16:1 to 643:1), the brush DC MG16B gear motor series develops a range of rated torques from 1.42 oz-in at 800 rpm to 42.5 oz-in at 17 rpm.
It is 10 pounds lighter than the aluminum housing, uses large bearings for the stub axles, and the bigger interior area provides space for a larger gear range, providing builders more choices in gear ratios.