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see CoptosCoptos
or Coptus
, ancient city of Egypt, on the right bank of the Nile, c.27 mi (43 km) N of modern Luxor. Remains of the Temple of Min, patron god of Coptos, have been found there as well as relics from the time of Ramses II and Thutmose III.
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Naming the things or to say the price of something you are going to give to poor is as taboo words in Yemeni like Sadagheh as taboo word in Persian which translated from Yemeni words Gebtu haga or Gebtu sadaka(i gave something alms)euphemized by standard Arabic term) to (khoda ghabul koneh or kheirat euphemized by implication and synonym in Persian).
Gebtu haga or Mohammad(n gebtu sadaka( I ame of gave something prophet alms) V.