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(gŭl`ə), a creole languagecreole language
, any language that began as a pidgin but was later adopted as the mother tongue by a people in place of the original mother tongue or tongues. Examples are the Gullah of South Carolina and Georgia (based on English), the creole of Haiti (based on French), and
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 formerly spoken by the Gullah, an African-American community of the Sea IslandsSea Islands,
chain of more than 100 low islands off the Atlantic coast of S.C., Ga., and N Fla., extending from the Santee River to the St. Johns River. The ocean side of the islands is generally sandy; the side facing the mainland is marshy.
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 and the Middle Atlantic coast of the United States. The word is probably a corruption of the African Gola or Gora, names of African tribes living in Liberia, but it may also be derived from Angola, whence many of the Gullahs' ancestors came. The Gullah dialect, spoken now by only a few hundred people, is a mixture of 17th- and 18th-century English and of a number of West African languages (among them Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba). The African influence on Gullah can be seen in the phonology, vocabulary, and grammar. Some African words in Gullah have entered American English, including goober ("peanut"), gumbo ("okra"), and voodoo ("witchcraft"). Du Bose Heyward's novel Porgy (1925), upon which Gershwin's opera is based, was written in the Gullah dialect.


See M. Crum, Gullah (1940); L. D. Turner, Africanisms in the Gullah Dialect (1973).

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In a letter to Sassafrass, Hilda references the commodification of Sea Island land: "Did you know that one Geechee after another is selling little parcels of land right off those islands?
Windsharp became only the second female winner in 29 runnings of the race, joining 1961 winner Geechee Lou.
Come join us January 17-19th, 2014 in collaboration with the Gullah Geechee Nation of Jacksonville, Florida on a Heritage Corridor Tour (Jacksonville to Charleston).
Big Black, one of our greatest, greatest percussionists, came originally from the South, South Carolina, close to the Geechee people, the people outside of South Carolina, very close to Africa.
The Geechee Gullah Ring Shouters present a tribute to Willis Proctor on Thursday, February 9, 2012, at 7:00 pm at Historic Faith Chapel.
We have for some time now been speaking of Gullah and Geechee without precisely defining our terms.
Stephen, which is about an hour north of Charleston, in what's essentially lumber country, and it talks a lot about Gullah and Geechee culture.
Sites under consideration would commemorate, for example, a granite-quarrying region of Georgia, the unique Gullah and Geechee cultures of African Americans in the coastal counties of South Carolina, and the role of "Bleeding Kansas" in the conflict over slavery's expansion into the frontier in the mid-1800s.
Gullah is also known as Geechee in Georgia and elsewhere.
From the stereotyped Geechee to statements, like the ones in "Black Shadows," that, first, express Rawlings's outrage at the treatment of blacks and, second, stereotype them as children who cannot shoulder responsibility and work on their own initiative, Rawlings seems to move from extreme to extreme in her thinking on and representations of race.
it's Chocolate Pyramid and she's approaching the final markers now MOOR, ALGONQUIN, CARIB, ABORIGINE ARAWAK, MAROON, SEMINOLE, GULLAH, GEECHEE Chocolate Pyramid's way out front in first place the others are barreling around the track quickly approaching the last straight-away and Snowball Express is beginning to make his move he's putting on pressure from the rear scrambling to make up for lost time but it's going to be impossible for Snowball Express to catch up .