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(gŭl`ə), a creole languagecreole language
, any language that began as a pidgin but was later adopted as the mother tongue by a people in place of the original mother tongue or tongues. Examples are the Gullah of South Carolina and Georgia (based on English), the creole of Haiti (based on French), and
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 formerly spoken by the Gullah, an African-American community of the Sea IslandsSea Islands,
chain of more than 100 low islands off the Atlantic coast of S.C., Ga., and N Fla., extending from the Santee River to the St. Johns River. The ocean side of the islands is generally sandy; the side facing the mainland is marshy.
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 and the Middle Atlantic coast of the United States. The word is probably a corruption of the African Gola or Gora, names of African tribes living in Liberia, but it may also be derived from Angola, whence many of the Gullahs' ancestors came. The Gullah dialect, spoken now by only a few hundred people, is a mixture of 17th- and 18th-century English and of a number of West African languages (among them Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba). The African influence on Gullah can be seen in the phonology, vocabulary, and grammar. Some African words in Gullah have entered American English, including goober ("peanut"), gumbo ("okra"), and voodoo ("witchcraft"). Du Bose Heyward's novel Porgy (1925), upon which Gershwin's opera is based, was written in the Gullah dialect.


See M. Crum, Gullah (1940); L. D. Turner, Africanisms in the Gullah Dialect (1973).

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Congress designated the Gullah Geechee Corridor, which runs from Wilmington, NC to Jacksonville, Fl.
Information about the settlement design Oglethorpe introduced for the City of Savannah, which continues to be an exemplar of urban planning, see "Savannah City Plan" in the New Georgia Encyclopedia online.] And, if people have extra time and want to travel to the Barrier Islands, where we talked about the Gullah Geechee cultures and all, I would highly recommend that.
In a letter to Sassafrass, Hilda references the commodification of Sea Island land: "Did you know that one Geechee after another is selling little parcels of land right off those islands?
VIBRATION COOKING OR, THE TRAVEL NOTES OF A GEECHEE GIRL appears in its fourth printing and first appeared in 1970 around the time 'soul food' gained popularity.
These include dialects of regions of the United States--that spoken in the south, the Appalachian region, New Orleans, as well as the dialect employed in Porgy and Bess, which is called Gullah or Geechee. The author also describes the general characteristics of Scots, Irish, Welsh, and regional dialects of England such as East Anglia and the West Country.
Award-winning playwright, novelist and poet Shange (for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf, Sassafras, Cypress & Indigo: A Novel) and ubiquitous tenor sax legend David Murray (World Saxophone Quartet) revisit their collaborations and friendship of the past 30 years in poems covering everything from lamenting meditations on love ("These Kisses Are Fine") to a whirlwind musical blood memorization ("Third Generation Geechee Myth For John Purcell") that capture the energy of their recent live performances.
Alma's mother, as voiced by Osho, is a big, gurning, gin-soaked woman who talks in the poor folk's language of 'geechee' and disses her daughter as fat and ugly.
as well as BAHASA(Malay-Indonesia), BWAANABA (Kiribati), CATALAN (Spain/France/Andorra), KANNADA (India), KARAKALPAK (Kazhak), MABAAN (Luo), PAMPANGAN (Austronesian) is a 'ladder word' (see Ladder Words 2002279), GEECHEE (English Creole), YEKHEE (Edo), OROMO (Cushitic), KUKUKUKU (Papuan)
A "Geechee" or descendent of Islamic African slaves taken from what is now known as modern day Sierre Leone, Senegal, Liberia and the Ivory Coast, she has co-authored a popular book entitled, God, Dr.
The Gullah also call themselves "Geechee," which Turner attributed to the Kissi tribe which inhabits a large area adjoining the Mende, where modern Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea converge.
It's called Geechee. But some people call it Gullah now, and people praise it now.
The contributions of Doris Witt ("My Kitchen Was the World: Vertamae Smart Grosvenor's Geechee Diaspora"), Traci Marie Kelly ("If I Were a Voodoo Priestess: Women's Culinary Autobiography"), and Janet Theophano ("Home Cooking: Boston Baked Beans and Sizzling Rice Soup as Recipes for Pride and Prejudice") underscore the importance of cookbooks with respect to women's history.