Sir Archibald Geikie

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Geikie, Sir Archibald

(gē`kē), 1835–1924, British geologist, educated at the Univ. of Edinburgh. He joined the Geological Survey of Scotland, becoming its director in 1867. He was professor of geology at the Univ. of Edinburgh (1871–82) and director-general of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom (1882–1901). He was knighted in 1891. His numerous publications include Outlines of Field Geology (1876, 5th ed. 1896), Text-Book of Geology (1882, 4th ed., 2 vol., 1903), The Founders of Geology (1897, 2d ed. 1905), and Types of Scenery and Their Influence on Literature (1898, repr. 1970).


See his autobiography (1924).

His brother, James Geikie, 1839–1915, also a geologist, was a specialist in glacial geology. He wrote The Great Ice Age (1874, 3d ed. rev. 1894), Earth Sculpture (1898), and Structural and Field Geology (1905, 6th ed. 1953).

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The Department of Parks and Wildlife has been running vessel-based tours at Geikie Gorge from the mid 1970~s and during this time it has become one of the iconic scenic tours in the Kimberley.
The 1997 laws meant pistol shooters were banned from training in the UK and Geikie had to travel to Switzerland just to use one.
South Shields-based wrestler Terence Bosson also got to grips with a silver, while England's Gorgs Geikie and Julia Lydall added shooting bronze to Huckle and Parr's silver.
Geikie and Lydall's took bronze in the 25m pistol pairs.
There was also an England bronze medal in the women's pairs 25m pistol for Gorgs Geikie and Julia Lydall.
They shot a score of 755 to finish ahead of England's Georgina Geikie and Julia Lydall ( 743).
Geikie (1905 en Gould, 1992: 86) sobre Hutton afirma: "En toda la doctrina, Hutton se cuido de admitir cualquier principio que no pudiera ser encontrado por medio de la observacion".
Geologist Sir Archibald Geikie (1835-1924) recorded an incident encountered on the isle of Canna.
Geikie (1905) En: McIntyre, (1963) "el presente es la clave del pasado", no es cierto.
England's Georgina Geikie and Julia Lydall also took bronze in the women's 10m air pistol pairs and Richard Faulds and Stevan Walton bronze in the men's double trap pairs.
1994) identified the combined thickness of bed 81 and bed 82 (with a lateral variation in thickness between 80 and 140 mm) as the same unit which Geikie (1861) named 'bed b'.
Unilever's Jim Geikie, customer marketing director, deodorants, says they need to routinely place products targeted to men in areas where guys shop.