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gemel, chymol, gimmer, gymmer, jimmer

Two corresponding elements of construction considered as a pair.
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Numerous other ways to classify services include the degree of: intangibility, customer contact; simultaneity; heterogeneity; perishability; demand fluctuation; service customization; labour intensity; service direction towards people or equipment (Van Looy, Gemel & Dierdonck, 2003) Thus making general statements about services remains difficult.
Van Looy B, Gemel P, & Van Dierdonck R, 2003 Services Management, (2nd ed.
To you these little bubbles may simply hold relief from your cold symptoms, but for Gemel Precision Tool Company, Inc.
Earlier, Gemel Smith's shot rang the crossbar, although it may have grazed Pavelec's glove.
Accordingly, the company has also implemented a school project in Haikota sub-zone, while the construction of office accommodations for EriTel and Gemel Transport Company is underway.

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