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Besides, my adventurous spirit had conceived a formidable enterprise--nothing less than a trip from Interlaken, by the Gemmi and Visp, clear to Zermatt, on foot
It grew to be a bitter night in that little hotel, backed up against a precipice that had no visible top to it, but we kept warm, and woke in time in the morning to find that everybody else had left for Gemmi three hours before-- so our little plan of helping that German family (principally the old man) over the pass, was a blocked generosity.
For a charming week we wandered up the Valley of the Rhone, and then, branching off at Leuk, we made our way over the Gemmi Pass, still deep in snow, and so, by way of Interlaken, to Meiringen.
Once, I remember, as we passed over the Gemmi, and walked along the border of the melancholy Daubensee, a large rock which had been dislodged from the ridge upon our right clattered down and roared into the lake behind us.
Meanwhile, Jamie McGoldrick commented: "Long overdue for a Glesga gemmi and world's funniest.
National and international authors will read from their works in hotel bars, at the old train station, at the Rehazentrum Leukerbad or at midnight up on Gemmi Pass.
Next morning, we took a cable car up to the Gemmi pass, a nick in the Bernese Alps that connects the Valais and Bern cantons.
READY: Rotunda ABC's Tom Jones (right) fighting Gemmi ABC's Ryan Moorhead at Alsop Sports Centre Picture by JAMES MALONEY
The Gemmi Pass gives access to what is probably the longest and most challenging climbing path in Switzerland, with long, vertical ladders on the Dabenhorn, almost 3000 metres high.
A New Tramp Abroad', written in Wellington in the year after his return, terminates near the top of the Gemmi Pass in Switzerland, with a glimpse of the Pennine Alps in the far distance.
Pregi Gemmi, Francois Lietard, Marcus Budil, Marcus Grossmann and several Pakistanis were among the dealers who offered specimens by the dozens--and at all these stands there were many truly superlative pieces.
Finnish textiles and clothing company Marimekko Corporation said on Friday (17 December) that it was selling the entire share capital of its subsidiary Grunstein Product Oy to the Finnish company Gemmi Oy.