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people generations

Following are time frames that have been coined for people based on the year they were born. There are differing opinions regarding the dates, and there is overlap.

Baby Boomers - 1946 to 1964
More than 76 million baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964 in the U.S. Older baby boomers were raised without desktop computers, and many did not even have TVs as children.

Generation X - Mid-1960s to Early 1980s
The name was coined as a result of a study of young people's attitudes in England in 1964 by Jane Deverson. The gen X period saw the rise of hippies and countercultures across the Western world. By the time older gen-X'ers became teenagers, the personal computer revolution had begun.

Generation Y - Early 1980s to Early 2000s
In Western cultures, gen Y'ers, also known as "Millennials," were brought up in the age of personal computers and electronic gadgets.

Generation Z - Mid-1990s to Early 2010s
Also called the "Net Generation," these individuals were exposed as children to the Internet along with wireless and mobile technologies and social networking. Gen Z'ers take electronic wizardry for granted.

iPhone Generation - After 2008
People who cannot live without their iPhones, Androids or other smartphones glued to their hands all day.
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With a focus on values, London's overall compatibility with Gen Z principles, ability to meet educational needs and strong business opportunities makes it the strongest-performing city in the index
However, figures also showed that new Gen Z entrants to the credit market are managing their debt about as well as their older counterparts.
I guess being a cool kid with Gen Z really comes with a price.
But really, to start understanding Gen Z and its direct spending power of as much as $143 billion, companies should try studying their Gen X parents first.
Perhaps you've heard-businesses are soon welcoming Gen Z. This is the generational cohort said to begin with those born in 1998 or later.
fe theaa wy It also turns out that activism means different things to Gen X than it does to millennials or Gen Z, and analysing he results this way, revealed some fascinating disparities Gt h between generations.
Polling more than 1,000 young adults in the Gen Z age bracket, the survey is the first to examine how Generation Z and millennial habits differ across several facets of homebuying.
Like many brands pursuing the fickle tastes of Gen Z shoppers, the mall-based apparel retailer had convened focus groups full of teens, eager to hear what they did and didn't like.
While certainly aspirational, this isn't just a pipe dream for Gen Z; more than half have already started saving, showing their commitment to this goal, and 71 percent say they know what they want in a home.
And as if to cement his place as Gen Z's swoon-worthy answer to the 'Hey, Girl' meme, Centineo also tweets Tumblr-esque sentiments that make the sentient Netflix account respond to him with winky faces.