Antonio Luna

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Luna, Antonio


Born Oct. 29, 1866, in Manila; died June 5, 1899, in Cabanatuan. Leader of the Philippine national liberation movement.

With the start of the American-Philippine War of 1899-1901, Luna was appointed commander in chief, and in May 1899 he was appointed assistant minister of war. He favored resolute struggle against the occupation, ordering the arrest of the ministers who supported compromise with the USA. He was killed by the bodyguards of President E. Aguinaldo who later falsely charged Luna of intending to “usurp power.”


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Many Filipinos - the likes of Andres Bonifacio, Gen. Antonio Luna, Apolinario Mabini, Macario Sakay, among others, who now occupy a space among the roster of Philippine heroes - found crucial alliances among each other, bound by their fierce loyalty to their fellow Filipinos.
Gen. Antonio Luna's biopic invoked a mixed emotion of admiration, inspiration, frustration and anger; but, most important, it was entertaining as a movie.
Set during the Filipino-American war, "Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral" follows the revolution as it marches on against the Americans after the death of Gen. Antonio Luna. The conflicted philosophies behind the heroic struggle continue and become personified in the colorful character of Gen.
We have the likes of Gen. Antonio Luna, Francisco Dagohoy, Sultan Kudarat.
One of the most expensive and highest-grossing Filipino films of all time, "Heneral Luna" is a rousing, warts-and-all portrait of Gen. Antonio Luna, the brilliant and brusque strategist whose command of troops in the Philippine-American War (1899-1902) was cut short by betrayal from within his own ranks.
Under the scorching heat, Eric Amarile walked to Plaza Lucero and planted a candle at the tomb and statue of Gen. Antonio Luna here on June 5, the hero's 120th death anniversary.
He criticized Gen. Antonio Luna for his temper and harsh methods, but admired the man for his discipline, integrity, patriotism, and for establishing military schools.
OFFICIALS of the Department of Finance and National Economic Development Authority are not keen on readily endorsing passage by Congress of a new law creating a so-called 'Special Defense Economic Zone (SpeDEZ) inside the government arsenal defense industrial estate' at Camp Gen. Antonio Luna in Limay, Bataan.
But his name was tainted by the deaths of Andres Bonifacio, the founder of the Katipunan revolutionary movement, and his brother Procopio, and of Gen. Antonio Luna. There are claims Aguinaldo ordered their executions.
D., the San Roque Parish witnessed the nation's struggle to attain its freedom as it served as one of staging camps in 1899 by Gen. Antonio Luna in fighting the American soldiers during the Filipino-American war, the Liberal Party lawmaker said.
Textbook history records the assassination of Gen. Antonio Luna by Emilio Aguinaldo's Kawit bodyguards on June 5, 1899 as a setback in the Philippine-American War.
Academic institutions like the Universidad Literaria, with its Faculty of Law, the military academy headed by Gen. Antonio Luna, and the Instituto Burgos were founded in 1898, by virtue of republic acts.