Antonio Luna

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Luna, Antonio


Born Oct. 29, 1866, in Manila; died June 5, 1899, in Cabanatuan. Leader of the Philippine national liberation movement.

With the start of the American-Philippine War of 1899-1901, Luna was appointed commander in chief, and in May 1899 he was appointed assistant minister of war. He favored resolute struggle against the occupation, ordering the arrest of the ministers who supported compromise with the USA. He was killed by the bodyguards of President E. Aguinaldo who later falsely charged Luna of intending to “usurp power.”


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the San Roque Parish witnessed the nation's struggle to attain its freedom as it served as one of staging camps in 1899 by Gen.
Incidentally, 'La Tertulia Filipina' was also the title of an essay by Gen.
One of the most expensive and highest-grossing Filipino films of all time, "Heneral Luna" is a rousing, warts-and-all portrait of Gen.
Francis Musni, archivist of Holy Angel University's Center for Kapampangan Studies, found the stories in the June 14 and 15, 1899, issues of La Independencia, which were edited by Gen.
Academic institutions like the Universidad Literaria, with its Faculty of Law, the military academy headed by Gen.
Daniel Casabar, former commander of the Special Operations Command, replaced Director Jonathan Martir in a ceremony at Camp Gen.
declares his bid for vice president in 2016 before a boisterous crowd and a quiet bust of Gen.
Alex Umali played Recuerdos de Capiz, Pasig Pantayanin, Pahimakas, dedicated to Jose Rizal, and another piece, a tribute to Gen.
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Jose Rizal publish 'El Filibusterismo' and served in the camp of Gen.
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