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The author discusses the subversion of gender norms at the Balinese arts academies, and then describes the resulting performances as entertainment, outside of the rich, transformative traditional performances.
Not everyone can or wants to assimilate into prevailing gender norms," Davis notes.
The material gathered in this study provides a rich and diverse context for understanding the disproportionate balance of power that permit men to establish the requirements of women's admission to the political system, the gendered and institutional underlying forces of the candidate selection mechanism, and the function of gender norms in evaluations of potential candidates.
Variables positively associated with past-year perpetration of IPV among young men in two or more of the study countries included older age, history of binge drinking in the past 30 days, reporting of depressive symptoms, and having been the victim of violence at home or in the community in the past year; being employed and having more equitable attitudes about gender norms were negatively associated with the outcome.
The second essay, by Professor Patricia Williams, considers emerging medical technologies and the difficult questions and deep concerns they pose for gender norms, reproductive practices, and bodily autonomy.
The author's engaging introduction to women's lives and gender norms in colonial Brazil draws on a wealth of secondary sources in English and Portuguese as well as documentation she uncovered through her own archival research.
But the groundbreaking new dictionary, which functions more as crash course on women's and gender studies (with some fabulously feminist artwork interspersed amid entries on gender norms and sexuality), might represent more than just a consolidation of feminist knowledge - its release comes just weeks after a landmark court decision in Lebanon that granted a transgender man the right to change his official papers to match his gender identity.
Chief executive Sam Smithers said: "The Fawcett Society is campaigning against harmful gender norms and stereotypes which close down choices and options for children, young people and throughout our adult lives.
Ugandan women lived under Idi Amin's military state, surviving in the crevices allowed to their lesser sex, surviving sexual trauma as a tool of political control, and the militaristic gender norms that Idi Amin introduced and left behind.
This paper examines the role of women before and during the flood crisis in a traditional setup where strong gender norms exist.
Much of the reason they don't work appears to lie in the persistence of India's traditional gender norms, which seek to ensure"purity" of women by protecting them from men other than their husbands and restrict mobility outside their homes.