United Nations General Assembly

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United Nations General Assembly:

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(UN), international organization established immediately after World War II. It replaced the League of Nations. In 1945, when the UN was founded, there were 51 members; 193 nations are now members of the organization (see table entitled United Nations Members).
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However, the role of the General Assembly of UN appears to be more progressive in this regard by repeated actions and often calling on parties to respect human rights.
Mujawar also met with Head of the General Assembly of UN, President of the World Bank, and a number of international officials, and discussed with him the role played by Yemen as a Head of the Group of 77 and China to serve the member States and express their aspirations as well as its work to achieve consensus on environmental issues.
Ali Abdussalam Treki would discuss the agenda of the General Assembly of UN with the Pakistani leadership.
Sources have said that talks between foreign secretaries of Pakistan Salman Bashir and Indias Nirupama Rao, would be meeting each other in New York during the 64th General Assembly of UN, well before 13th Sep.
The General Assembly of UN announced today that it will convene a global summit in June to assess the impact of the world financial crisis on development.
India is in favour of bilateral discussion on the Kashmir issue rather than discussing it in the General assembly of UN.

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