Jean Maximilien Lamarque

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Lamarque, Jean Maximilien


Born July 22, 1770, in St. Sever, Landes Department; died June 1, 1832, in Paris. Count, French political figure.

A general under Napoleon, Lamarque helped defeat the Vendée uprisings in 1815, during the Hundred Days. With the restoration of the Bourbons in 1815, he was banished from France. He returned to France in 1818. In 1828 he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies. He became one of the leaders of the republican opposition to the Bourbons and, after the Revolution of 1830, to the government of Louis Philippe.

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Set during a time of great unrest in Paris in 1832, popular leader General Lamarque, the only man left in the government who shows any feelings for the poor, leads the students of the town into a revolution.
Quant a Dumas, il a pris part a la manifestation du 5 juin 1832 a Paris, lors des funerailles du general Lamarque, on a meme fait courir le bruit qu'il a ete fusille.
As for radical politics and popular insurrection, the outbreak of 1832 followed the major insurrection of workers in Lyons the previous November; it was, as Kudlick notes, at its height at the time of the riots associated with the funeral in June of General Lamarque, himself a victim of the disease.
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