General Statute

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General Statute


regulations for the Russian state civil service in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The General Statute was drafted with the participation of Peter I the Great and issued on Feb. 28, 1720. It defined the duties of the collegium officials (the president, vice-president, collegium members, the secretary, notary, translator, and others), the procedure governing the examination of matters in the collegiums, the organization of clerical work, and the relations between the collegiums and the Senate and local government organizations. In addition to the General Statute, there were further regulations governing the State Office and the collegiums for the navy, trade, revenue, and mining and industry. Regulation in minute detail of the activities of institutions and their officials was a characteristic feature of the absolute monarchy of the 18th century. The General Statute lost its importance when the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire was issued in 1833.


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CTS Corporation, (128) the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that the term "personal injury" in North Carolina's general statute of repose did not encompass latent disease claims.
Another well-known private attorney general statute is California's
With laws such as General Statute 95-98, a state of injustice exists in North Carolina.
Until now, there has been no general statute which says that these freedoms are guaranteed.'
Harvey[6] the North Dakota Supreme Court held that an accountant has a possessory lien under a general statute which gives such a lien to anyone who, while lawfully in possession of another's personal property, renders any service to the property that protects or improves it.
The firm appealed and the appellate court upheld the trial court, ruling that the applicable statute-of-limitations period may be found in either the three-year residual tort statute, the six-year breach-of-contract statute or the six-year general statute of limitations.
Prior case law had held that, absent a controlling statute to the contrary, the provisions of the contract may provide a time period for bringing an action that is less than that prescribed in the general statute of limitations, provided that the shorter period of limitations is reasonable.
Section 2462 of Title 28 contains a general statute of limitations for actions for the enforcement of civil penalties: "Except as otherwise provided by Act of Congress, an action, suit or proceeding for the enforcement of any civil fine, penalty, or forfeiture, pecuniary or otherwise, shall not be entertained unless commenced within five years from the date when the claim first accrued ..."(24)
Erwin of the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, who presided over the trial, entered an order finding the defendants in violation of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and North Carolina General Statute 75-1.1, which forbids unfair and deceptive trade practices in commerce.
The CNMC has analyzed the draft General Statute of Spanish Lawyers at the request of the Ministry of Economy and Business ( IPN / CNMC / 018/19 ).

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