William Booth

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Booth, William,

1829–1912, English religious leader, founder and first general of the Salvation ArmySalvation Army,
Protestant denomination and international nonsectarian Christian organization for evangelical and philanthropic work. Organization and Beliefs

The Salvation Army has established branches in more than 110 countries throughout the world.
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, b. Nottingham. Originally a local preacher for the Wesleyan Methodists, he went (1849) to London and entered (1852) the ministry of the Methodist New Connexion Church, but in 1861 he began independent evangelistic work. In 1865, with the help of his wife, Catherine Booth, he started the East London Revival Society (soon known as the Christian Mission) in Whitechapel, London. The Christian Mission developed in 1878 into the Salvation Army. General Booth, a remarkable organizer, traveled widely, winning recognition wherever he went. In 1890 he published In Darkest England and the Way Out in collaboration with W. T. Stead. See BoothBooth,
family prominent in the Salvation Army, founded by William Booth. His wife, Catherine Mumford Booth, 1829–90, whom he married in 1855, played a leading part in the foundation and development of the Salvation Army, devoting herself particularly to its work
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, family; Booth, Evangeline CoryBooth, Evangeline Cory,
1865–1950, general of the Salvation Army, b. England; daughter of William Booth. At the age of 17, she began evangelistic preaching. She was field commissioner of the Salvation Army in London for five years, commander of the Army in Canada from 1895
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See biographies by G. S. Railton (2d ed. 1912), H. Begbie (1920), St. J. Ervine (2 vol., 1934), H. C. Steele (1954), E. Bishop (1964), and R. Collier (1965); R. Hattersley, Blood and Fire (2000).

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There, on an October afternoon in 1886, General William Booth, founder of the international Salvation Army, stepped off a westbound train for what newspapers hailed as a "jubilee" and "demonstration.
Maybe it's wishful drinking, of which Sally Army founder General William Booth would mightily disapprove.
And what about the life and work of General William Booth, of the Salvation Army?
GENERAL William Booth, when a minister, preached in Coventry in the 1860s.
1934), God's Soldier: General William Booth (London: William Heinemann, Ltd.
General William Booth of the Salvation Army dies on August 20.
When General William Booth failed to achieve his goal of "retail" salvation, he and social commissioner Frank Smith plotted their Darkest England, "wholesale" salvation scheme to train the urban unemployed for transfer to intentional farm colonies in England, North America, Southern Africa, and Australasia.
Lindsay's best volumes of verse include Rhymes to Be Traded for Bread (1912), General William Booth Enters into Heaven and Other Poems (1913), The Congo and Other Poems(1914), and The Chinese Nightingale and Other Poems (1917).
Henry; A Small Boy and Others by Henry James, autobiographical writings; General William Booth Enters into Heaven and Other Poems by Vachel Lindsay; The Valley of the Moon by Jack London, a novel, and John Barleycorn, also by London, an autobiographical account of his struggles against alcohol; and Pollyanna by Eleanor Hodgman Porter, a juvenile novel that eventually sold more than 1,000,000 copies and inspired the term Pollyanna, meaning an irrepressibly optimistic person.
His reputation rests on such poems as "A Gospel of Beauty" (1908), <IR> GENERAL WILLIAM BOOTH ENTERS INTO HEAVEN </IR> (1913), "A Net to Snare the Moonlight" (1913), <IR> THE EAGLE THAT IS FORGOTTEN </IR> (1913), <IR> THE CONGO </IR> (1914), <IR> THE SANTA FE TRAIL: A HUMORESQUE </IR> (1914), "The Chinese Nightingale" (1917), "The Ghost of the Buffaloes" (1917), and <IR> IN PRAISE OF JOHNNY APPLESEED </IR> (1921).
In the following year he published one of his best - known poems, General William Booth Enters Into Heaven , which was followed by The Congo and The Santa Fe Trail .

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