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the highest military title in the armed forces of a number of countries. The title generalissimo has been conferred on generals who commanded several armies—usually allied armies—in wartime. It is also sometimes conferred on members of families of reigning dynasties and on statesmen as an honorary title.

In 1569 the French king Charles IX granted the title generalissimo to his 18-year-old brother, who subsequently became King Henry III. Later, the title was held by Duke H. de Guise (1550-88), Prince L. Condé (1621-88), Duke L. de Villars (1653-1734), and Duke A. Richelieu (1696-1788) in France. In Austria it was conferred on Prince R. Montecuccoli (1609-80), Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736), Count L. von Daun (1705-66), Archduke Charles (1771-1847), and Prince K. Schwarzenberg (1771-1820). The title generalissimo was held by Count A. Wallenstein (1583-1634) in Germany.

In Russia the first generalissimo was the voevoda (military commander) A. S. Shein (1662-1700). The title was granted to him by Peter I the Great on June 28, 1696, for successful actions at Azov. The title generalissimo was officially introduced in Russia by the Military Regulations of 1716. On May 12, 1727, the title was conferred on Prince A. D. Menshikov (1673-1729), on Nov. 11, 1740, on Prince Anton Ulrich of Brunswick (1714-74), and on Oct. 28, 1799, on the great Russian general A. V. Suvorov (1729-1800). In the USSR the title of Generalissimo of the Soviet Union was established by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of June 26, 1945, and it was conferred on J. V. Stalin on June 27, 1945.


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On Thursday, March 15, the Generalissimo is inviting you to join the war against Glaucoma.
Fifthly, the nation will expect from the new generalissimo to support democracy.
In the following passage, General Gragnon, who had the command of the mutinous regiment, contemplates his fall and the account he is self-compelled to give to the generalissimo in language that suggests something of that "mechanistic physics.
THEY didn't invite the city fathers of Ferrol, the birthplace of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, the bloody tyrant who ruled Spain from 1938 to 1973, so the conference can't just have been about fascist dictators.
He discusses the origins of the negative image, ideology, oligarchy, democracy, whether the general Phocion was good or bad, whether Stratocles of Diomeia was an audacious buffoon or shamelessly bold, and whether Callippus of Eleusis was a tin-pot general or a The Generalissimo.
The appearance of The Generalissimo is for students of modern China another important milestone in an ongoing and thorough reevaluation of the achievements of "Republican China" (that is, the period between the collapse of the last dynasty in 1912 and the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949).
embassy, Roman Catholic Church local hierarchy, Haiti's economic elite, and even Haiti's neighbor Dictator Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo.
In factand as I wrote at the timelike Generalissimo Francisco Franco before him, al-Mabhouh is still dead.
is putting up the money to pay and arm them and the Generalissimo is in command, they will not be sold out.
Both Pakula and Li make clear Soong's importance as a translator and interpreter of things American to the generalissimo, and of things Chinese to the Americans.
We tolerate because, in reality, we don't have the patient mettle to be unwavering mutt military commanders such as the Generalissimo bringing his "Pack Power'' tour to Boston University on Sunday.
Tang, the latest in a huge number of lookalikes to Mao, has a twinkly-eyed slyness that chimes well with Zhang's excellent perf as the unbending Generalissimo Chiang, who slowly realizes he's losing the game to a player who's even smarter than he is.