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Kratzel, Integral transformations of Bessel-type, Generalized functions and operational calculus (proceedings of the Conference on Generalized Functions and Operational Calculus, Varna, September 29-October 6, 1975, pp.
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A possibility in studying stochastic differential equations is to make use of the theory of Colombeau-type generalized functions spaces to overcome the multiplication problem in distribution space.
Some generalized functions for the size distribution of income.
A new approximate method to calculate the critical forces for the singular type elastic foundation plates is suggested; this method departing from the approximation of corresponding differential equations' coefficients using generalized functions.
Scales with ridges and lateral cusps well developed but shorter than the principal cusp fulfill generalized functions and are found in almost all sharks (Morphology 8).
Shapes of generalized functions which describe experimental points for criterion [k.
We claim that the tanh method can be extended by replacing tanh function with some generalized functions f(x), such as polynomial function, trigonometric function and Jacobi elliptical function.
We also generalize these functions and gave the functional equations satisfied by these generalized functions and then show that they satisfy Ramanujan's description of mock theta functions.
Distributions; generalized functions with applications in Sobolev spaces.
This is a consequence of a forthcoming impossibility theorem, stating that enforcing a prolongation of the convolution product from a subset of distributions (for which the commutative and associative convolution product is defined) to a superset of generalized functions, while retaining all product properties, makes us loose the 1 ideal [N'.
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