Generalov, Vasilii

Generalov, Vasilii Denisovich


Born Mar. 8 (20), 1867; died May 8 (20), 1887. Russian revolutionary and member of the People’s Will.

Generalov was born in the cossack village of Potemkinskaia into the family of a Don cossack. In 1886 he entered St. Petersburg University and joined the People’s Will in its late stages in a group that included A. I. Ul’ianov. He took an active part in the preparations for an attempt on the life of Alexander III. On Mar. 1, 1887, he was arrested on the Nevsky Prospect, where he was to have made the assassination attempt. A court of the Special Senate Office sentenced him to hang. He was executed in the Shlissel’burg Fortress.


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