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The suppression of the effect of one gene by another.
A checking or stoppage of a hemorrhage or other discharge.
A scum or film of substance floating on the surface of urine.



the interaction of two nonallelic genes (that is, genes that are at different loci) whereby one of them, called the epistatic gene, suppresses the effect of the other one, called the hypostatic gene. Phenotypically, epistasis is manifested as a deviation from the segregation that would be expected in digenetic inheritance; in this case, however, there is no violation of Mendel’s laws, inasmuch as the alleles of the interacting genes are distributed in complete conformity to the law of independent assortment, or combination.

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Second, reproductively active farmed populations may result in farm-derived larvae settling into wild aggregations, setting up the potential for future genetic interactions.
The increased attention that PCOS has gained over the past decade has influenced research projects to explore genetic interactions and predispositions, environmental issues, and the effects of new treatments.
For example, the genetic interactions between a pathogen and a herbaceous plant that dies back to an underground rootstock during winter or summer are likely to be quite different from those involving a tree species that lives for, several centuries.
GoG aims at functionally de-orphanize many SLCs by assessing hundreds of thousands of genetic interactions as well as thousands protein and drug interactions.
This study may facilitate the future researchers and breeders for better understanding the genetic interactions and breed differentiation for devising future breeding and conservation strategies to preserve the rich animal genetic reservoir of the country.
One of the difficulties lies on a large number of parameters to accommodate the various forms of genetic interactions.
These early genetic studies resulted in the establishment of functional relationships among various factors in regulation of gene expression through analysis of their genetic interactions.
The possible dynamics of genetic interactions between species make any prediction of the response to selection especially challenging.
Objective: The aim of this project is to use the ninespine stickleback as a model to understand the relative importance of natural selection and random demographic events in shaping the evolution of ecologically relevant complex traits; harness the demographic history of the stickleback to detect complex genetic interactions affecting complex traits; improve the empirical understanding of the genetics of complex traits, and explore the effect of copy number variation (CNV) on complex traits.
The more information we acquire about genetic interactions, the more effective scientists can be in developing bench-to-bedside research," she added.