Genetics and Astrology

Genetics and Astrology

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Adherents as well as critics of astrology sometimes ask the question, How do astrological influences interact with the “forces” of genetic heritage to determine human nature? In the hands of critics, this issue becomes the assertion that genetics can explain any inborn traits. A subsequent assertion is then that contrary astrological influences cannot possibly overcome genetic factors, and hence astrology is false. However, this way of stating the problem does not do justice to the manner in which astrologers would actually approach the issue.

Instead of conceiving celestial influences as external forces that affect Earth like some kind of extraterrestrial radiation, most astrologers view the universe as an interconnected whole, and astrological “forces” as working in synchronicity. Synchronism refers to the occurrences of events at one place simultaneously with those in another part of the universe, even though there is no causal link between them. Consider an analogy: Imagine the relationship between two clocks, both registering the same time. Their indicating the same time does not mean that one clock forces the other clock to read the same. Rather, they are both set to run parallel courses.

In a similar manner, astrological influences do not work by competing with and overcoming terrestrial forces, such as genetic inheritance. Instead, the universe runs in such a manner that events on the terrestrial sphere mirror events in the celestial sphere (the patterns of the planets). Thus, occasions do not arise in which genetics and astrology conflict with each other.

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