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Two of the main lemnothalamic pathways are shown from the dorsal column nuclei to the nucleus dorsalis intermedius ventralis anterior (DIVA) and from retinal ganglion cells directly to the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (DLGN), a nucleus previously referred to in birds as the nucleus opticus principalis thalami, or OPT.
In oral language, auditory input is transmitted from the medial geniculate nucleus in the thalamus to both primary auditory areas (PA) and auditory association areas (AA), the latter of which may contain phonologic representations of words (Binder et al., 1994).
Although there may be a vestibulo-cerebellocortical pathway in addition, the four major vestibulocortical pathways all involve the thalamus either the lateral posterior nucleus, the ventral posterior nucleus, the medial geniculate nucleus, or the ventrolateral geniculate nucleus (see Berthoz, 1996; Smith, 1997 for reviews).
Their ideas focus on the activity of on-centre cells in the lateral geniculate nucleus. When a dot pattern appears for the first time t1 on-centre cells are depolarised and fall back to resting levels over a few hundred milliseconds.
(2) It is true that there is considerable variation in the neutral points and maximal response points of individual colour-opponent cells in the lateral geniculate nucleus. (Only the first of these is relevant to unique hue loci.) But what is going to matter is not what cells do individually, but what they do as statistical ensembles.