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(jənĭs`tə): see broombroom,
common name for plants of two closely related and similar Old World genera, Cytisus and Genista, of the family Leguminosae (pulse family). They are mostly twiggy leguminous shrubs with abundant yellow or white (in Cytisus,
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a genus of shrubs and semishrubs of the legume family. The stems of many species have thorns. The leaves are simple and either downy or glabrous. The flowers are yellow, more rarely whitish, and they occur in racemose inflorescences. There are over 70 species, chiefly in the Mediterranean region. In the USSR there are about 20 species growing, chiefly in the Caucasus. Most widespread in the European USSR is dyer’s greenweed (G. tinctoria), which grows in dry forests, along forest edges, and on slopes. It contains the alkaloids cytisine—a solution of which is used as a respiratory stimulant—and anagyrine. A yellow dye for textiles (subsequently replaced by other pigments) was formerly obtained from the leaves, stems, and flowers of this plant.

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Resultados similares fueron reportados por Taboada (2013) para Genista florida, en la que observo un crecimiento equivalente de la biomasa de la raiz y la biomasa aerea de las plantulas durante los primeros tres meses.
More hardy is genista porlock, which will winter outside against a sheltered south or west facing wall.
Symmetricom Inc (Nasdaq:SYMM), a provider of precise time and frequency products and services, announced on Thursday (14 June) that the company has purchased certain technology assets from Genista Corporation, a provider of software-based technologies.
Try John Lewis' Blissful basket arrangement, pounds 45, which includes white narcissi, genista, roses and cream tulips.
Grow maritime plants such as achilleas, armeria, dianthus, eryngium, genista, mesembryanthemums, phlomis potentilla, sedum and stachys.
Muin Vine Fiveleaf Vitis vinifera Parthenocusus quinquefolia Gorr Ivy Elm Hedera helix Ulmus americana nGetal Broom Cattail Genista spp.
Winkler is Chief Scientist at Genista Corporation, a company developing perceptual quality metrics for multimedia applications.
This is a classic Yves Delorme print with a slight twist -- rather than a scattering of blossoms, it features long, slender branches of wild genista," Virginia Peale, media and public relations director of Yves Delorme, said of the company's bedding offering named Genet.
Referring to Hytner and Nick Starr, the one-time NT press officer and head of planning who is expected to follow Genista McIntosh as exec director, Hall says, "They're a great duo.