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, Ital. Genova, city (1991 pop. 678,771), capital of Genoa prov. and of Liguria, NW Italy, on the Ligurian Sea. Beautifully situated on the Italian Riviera, it is the chief seaport of Italy and rivals Marseilles, France, as the leading Mediterranean port.
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, Italy.
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An old statistical package still in use on some VM computers.
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"Usually when I do events like these, few people have read the book," Genova joked.
Genova said the man could be 25 to 35 years old, and standing 5'4a3 to 5'7.'
Lazard Middle Market served as adviser to Genova for the transaction.
Finally, said de Genova, "If I were [Pollard's] lawyer, I would bring all those wonderful high-powered individuals --Dr.
Using pen and ink alone, Di Genova takes a line for a walk and finds ...
GENova is positioning itself as a leading bioscience company in the development and commercial licensing of novel therapeutic proteins that disrupt the advance of life-threatening cancers.
Genova is a good companion piece for Nanni Moretti's La Stanza del Figlio (The Son's Room), the Cannes Golden Palm Winner in 2001.
Genova did not mention any abnormality in the accompanying print-out.
La colecta se realizo en dos fundos del Instituto Regional de Desarrollo Selva de la Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, El fundo Genova con 577 ha, en el valle de Chanchamayo en la margen izquierda del rio, cerca a San Ramon entre los 940 msnm y 1200 msnm.
Genova resigned from the practice of law, pursuant to an April 11, 2002 Supreme Court order, under allegation he made false statements and declarations in a bankruptcy petition.
Its, power will be distributed to the regional grid buy American Electric Power, Genova said.
"Not only that, we have three tomorrow and four or five on Wednesday," Genova said.