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History a woman with proprietary rights and authority, as over a manor


1. (in Britain) a title of honour borne by various classes of women of the peerage
2. Our Lady a title of the Virgin Mary
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I think the gentlelady's comment that we are all one human family and that we have great value in considering our history and what mistakes we have made in the past and how we have wronged each other in the past so that at least can prevent that from happening in the future, and that is something I agree.
Over the years before her untimely death Liz raised more than pounds 16,000 for the breast unit at University Hospital of North Tees where she was treated and she was a member of GentleLady care breast cancer support group.
Even today, gentlewomen on Judiciary hear the sissified "gentlelady" from the chair.
Liz was also one of the first members of The GentleLady Care breast cancer support group, which in June 2006 launched a fundraising drive to buy a special bed for the chemotherapy department at North Tees.
Members of breast cancer support group Gentlelady Care have handed over pounds 2,500 to the chemotherapy unit at University Hospital of North Tees.
REGULARS: Craig Lowe and Derek Stubbs enjoy a pint; LOCALS: From left, Jens Riecke, landlady Val Horn and Geoff Charnock; THREE AMIGOS: Sean Chichton, Alastair Waugh and Adam McLean; HELP: Gentlelady Care breast cancer support group.
Billingham Indoor Bowls Club has raised pounds 2,000 for the Gentlelady Care North Tees Breast Care Support Group.