Geodetic Network

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Geodetic Network


a system of points on the earth’s surface, the location of each being fixed in relation to the others by means of some unified system of coordinates and altitudes above sea level on the basis of geodetic measurement.

The coordinates of the geodetic points of the geodetic network are determined mainly by the method of triangulation or of polygonometry. Data supplied by artificial earth satellites are also used to fix the coordinates of points of the geodetic network. The satellite is regarded as a traveling carrier of coordinates or as an intermediate point serving to transmit coordinates for great distances. The altitudes of points of the geodetic network are determined by methods of leveling. The points of the geodetic network are secured at their location by geodetic markers. The geodetic points are the basis for the mapping of the earth’s surface and for measurements at sites in connection with various engineering surveys and economic undertakings.


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In 1987 Caspary developed a method based on the congruence of the points of a geodetic network from two epochs, where, unlike Pelzer's method, he assumes that part of the network points is stable.
The geodetic network consists of 15 points, from which 11 were built using specifically designed concrete monuments with an embedded 5/8" threads to ensure an easy cantering of the GPS antennas during the campaigns.
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Regarding continuous-transmission network and demarcation of sites by satellite positioning, al-Sada explained that CGIS supervises "Qatar's geodetic network which consists of approximately 6,000 horizontal control survey monuments and 4,500 vertical control survey stations distributed throughout the country".
Washington, May 20 (ANI): Using observations from a dense regional geodetic network, globally distributed broadband seismographic networks, and open-ocean tsunami data, researchers have begun to construct numerous models that describe how the earth moved the day when magnitude 9.
Sent west to meet the acute need for accurate and available guides for coastal navigation--particularly following the discovery of gold--Davidson created a geodetic network to describe the state's topography.
0 programming language and several open source components for tables management, reporting and for geodetic network graphical representation.
of Wisconsin-Madison) have added new chapters on topics in keeping with survey firms' need to collect data in three dimensions and analyze large data sets: three-dimensional geodetic network adjustments, combining GPS baseline vectors and terrestrial observations in an adjustment, the Helmert transformation, analysis of adjustment, and state plane coordinate computations.
In 2001 the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in Poland decided on establishing the Active Geodetic Network (ASG-PL) in Upper Silesian area.
To adequately constrain this network, an OC mainframe survey, carried out by SD, included the recovery and occupation of 20 OC primary control stations tied to six California High Precision Geodetic Network (CA-HPGN) stations, and was performed with Ashtech LD-XII dual-frequency GPS Receivers during two separate seven-hour static observations.
Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) say they solved the largest set of mathematical equations ever attempted when they recently finished a 12-year project to recompute the national geodetic network, which consists of 250,000 precisely measured points on the earth's surface.