Geodetic and Cartographic Journals

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Geodetic and Cartographic Journals


scientific periodicals devoted to questions in geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry, space geodesy, the study of the outer gravitational field of the earth, and related fields of science.

In the second half of the 20th century, all countries taken together publish approximately 100 geodetic and cartographic journals. In addition, articles on geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry, and other questions are also printed in general journals published by academies of sciences, scientific institutes, and universities. The most well-known and widely distributed journals include Geodeziia i kartografiia (Geodesy and Cartography, published since 1956), Geodeziia i aerofotos” emka (Geodesy and Aerial Photographic Surveying, from the series Izv. vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii [Higher Educational Institutions], published since 1957), and Referativnyi zhurnal: Astronomiia i geodeziia (Reference Journal: Astronomy and Geodesy, published since 1954). In addition, there are the journals Bulletin géodésique (Paris, since 1924), Photogrammetria (Amsterdam, since 1938), Photogrammetric Engineering (Washington, D.C., since 1934), Surveying and Mapping (Washington, D.C., since 1941), Zeitschrift für Vermessungswesen (Stuttgart, since 1872), Allgemeine Vermessungsnachrichten (West Berlin, since 1889), and Vermessungstechnik (Berlin, since 1953). Other well-known journals include Geodeziia, kartografiia, zemleustroïstvo (Sofia, since 1961), Geodézia és kartográfia (Budapest, since 1949), Przeglqd geodezyjny (Warsaw, since 1924), and Geodetický a kartograficky obzor (Prague, since 1955).


Specialized cartographic journals include Kartographische Nachrichten (Gütersloh, since 1951), Cartography (Melbourne, since 1954), Bulletin du Comité Français de Cartographie (Paris, since 1958), Internationales Jahrbuch für Kartographie (Gütersloh, since 1961), Map (Tokyo, since 1963), and The Cartographic Journal (London, since 1964). Other specialized cartographic journals are Bollettino dell’ Associazione Italiana di Cartografía (Florence, since 1964), The Canadian Cartographer (Toronto, since 1964), and Polski Przeglqd Kartograficzny (Warsaw, since 1969). Among the most important bibliographic reference journals are Kartografiia (Cartography, published since 1962), which is an issue of the journal of abstracts Geografiia, and Bibliotheca Cartographica (Bad Godesberg, since 1957).


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