Geographic Aspect

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Aspect, Geographic


a synonym for geographic landscape suggested by the Soviet scholar L. S. Berg in 1945. The term is seldom used.

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Much of that is down to manager John Robertson's understanding of what makes the club tick, but there is also a geographic aspect.
One difference is that the public universities have a more strongly geographic aspect of their mission.
<p>AaAaAa "They were also of strategic importance because they reflected a standard and a methodology which should serve as a model for elections elsewhere (...) and they represented a process by which a nation could, re-invigorate its economic and social dynamic through the devolution of the democratic process to every level and geographic aspect of society," notes the report, which was released recently in Rabat.
Google is also introducing a geographic aspect to search results based on the location that users select as their home location on Google Maps.
The geographic aspect of the Legislature's partisan divide has made political conflicts more intractable.
As to the geographic aspect of the Bauer thesis, he evenhandedly surveys the progress of Christianity both within and without the borders of the Roman Empire (pp.
The dioxin crisis differs from the commonly analyzed ecologic studies in this geographic aspect, since the borders of the impact of the dioxin crisis are the same as the borders of a well-established surveillance system.
al-Dhoyani added that the symposium will shed light on the impact of the Islamic civilization in construction and craft industries, in addition to reviewing the geographic aspects that contributed in spreading the Islamic civilization.
In this example, the combination of ingredient-based analysis and geographic aspects of the suspected source (e.g., the origin of the product, distribution area, packing facilities) provided key information in the source-finding process.
A 2008 Common Position on Geographic Aspects of Market Analysis (definition and remedies) by the European Regulators Group, provides further insight as to how European NRAs might address the issue of geographically segmented regulation (ERG, 2008).

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