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The author follows Japan from its origin myths up to the present time, adding elements of geographic determinism and cultural anthropology as well as his own experiences.
Too bad that that inspiration can't be found amid Morris's geographic determinism.
As such, this book is not an exercise in geographic determinism but a complex intervention into the agonizing social and political history of integration and race formation in the United States.
Chit Hlaing's useful chapter, 'Some remarks upon ethnicity theory and Southeast Asia, with special reference to the Kayah and the Kachin', draws broader linkages to theories of ethnicity in that it helps to interrogate notions of geographic determinism and ethnic exclusivity which are commonly held by students new to Southeast Asian studies.
13) The logic of geographic determinism leads to the conclusion that, for example, all peoples living in the Sahara and the Sonoran deserts would respond to their similar physical environments in similar ways.
It is not simply geographic determinism to suggest that those who live in similar topography have similar concerns.
The Egyptian political culture is by nature authoritarian, according to the geographic determinism of its ancient riverine culture (Hamdan, 1993), and it tends to reinforce the status quo rather than produce change or challenge the political leadership.

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