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Ibrahim al- Busaidi, Assistant Professor, Department of History at the Sultan Qaboos University, said that this discovery will contribute to provide researchers and scholars in the field of geographic discoveries and studies related to the Indian Ocean, a lot of historical information related to the nature of the Portuguese campaigns to the east, its objectives and the types of ships and weapons, in addition to the economic aspects, such as currencies.
These geographic discoveries were the catalyst to understand the earth and the universe at a later stage.
The KU history faculty teaches the students a full curriculum about history of Andalucia and the Muslims who had lived there as well as the emirates that had existed during this era, in addition to the European renaissance and geographic discoveries made by the Spaniards in the old times, Dr.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- A surveying expedition by Russia's Northern Fleet has made several geographic discoveries and confirmed the formation of a new island in the Franz Josef Land archipelago, in the Arctic Ocean, a fleet representative said Monday.
The book is a comprehensive overview, structured and written in a way that makes it particularly useful for teaching purposes, though it includes a few long-discredited interpretations of European history (such as considering geographic discoveries, Renaissance, the Reform movements, Enlightenment and the French Revolution as stages completed by European countries that thus reached the Industrial Revolution, p.
He made the first accurate maps of the region and contributed to many important geographic discoveries. His story is vividly recounted here.
Bringing alive the wonders of the geographic discoveries taking place at that time in vibrant colour, parrots can be seen fighting for space with flamingoes while elephants sit alongside giant lizards.
In 1859 she was presented at auction, and it was in this most unlikely of settings that she met her soul-mate, Sam Baker, a wealthy English adventurer whose geographic discoveries were to prove crucial to England's understanding of the African landscape.
The so-called "New Geography" can be thought of as an amalgam of the new geographic discoveries (vast new lands and oceans) with the dramatic developments in cartographic science that had made these discoveries possible.

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