Geographic Institute

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Geographic Institute


The first specialized geographic institution of higher education in Soviet Russia, founded in Petrograd in 1918 on the basis of the Higher Geographic Courses.

One of the tasks of the Geographic Institute was the preparation of field researchers and scientists (geographers and ethnographers). The scientific work of the Geographic Institute was directed by the Academic College, which later became the Geographic-Economic Scientific Research Institute. In 1925 the Geographic Institute became a special department of Leningrad University. The structure and curriculum of the Geographic Institute were seen as a model for the departments of geography at the universities and pedagogical institutes of the USSR.


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We hope that the state establishes a geographic institute, which includes an elite group of scientists and researchers dedicated to scientific research, totalling 100 scientists conducting field studies, preparing the national atlas and national maps, conducting national researches and studies, holding the national geographic conference, and exploring Egypt, as Egypt is not explored yet by geographers.
National Geographic Institute specialists are monitoring the earthquakes and a team of geologists are taking CO2 profiles to work out how likely the volcano is to blow.
Instead, this study has included 19th century maps provided by the National Geographic Institute of Spain (IGN).
ERGNSS is a national CORS network managed by the Spanish National Geographic Institute since 1998; 75 stations form the network, 24 are integrated into the EUREF European Network and 3 (LPAL, MELI and YEBE) into the global network of the International GNSS Service (IGS).
EST on Sunday (0422 GMT), the Spanish National Geographic Institute said, and was followed by six lesser aftershocks.
Over 300 earthquakes have struck the Gulf of Valencia, a zone not normally known for seismic activity, over the past month, according to Spain's National Geographic Institute. The quakes have not caused any damage but have frightened residents.
Cosmovision V, VI, and VII (all works cited, 2013)--the title is a Spanish adaptation of the German word Weltanschauung, or "worldview"--are works made from photographic blowups of negatives the artists accessed at the National Military Geographic Institute of Ecuador.
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, Jumada I 14, 1434, Mar 26, 2013, SPA -- More than 60 earthquakes rocked the Canary Island of El Hierro on Tuesday, dpa quoted Spain's National Geographic Institute as saying.
Zamka's visit, cosponsored by the embassy, NASA, the Colombian Space Agency and Colombia's Agustin Codazzi Geographic Institute, was designed to highlight U.S.
The telescopes participating in the research were NASA's telescopes at Robledo de Chavela (Madrid) and those of the National Geographic Institute in Yebes (Guadalajara).

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