Geographic Position

geographic position

[¦jē·ə¦graf·ik pə′zish·ən]
The position of a point on the surface of the earth expressed in terms of geographical coordinates either geodetic or astronomical.
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Geographic Position


the situation of any point or area on the earth’s surface in relation to the territories or objects outside it. The term “geographic position” in mathematical geography refers to the latitude and longitude of given points or of a region; in physical geography it means their situation in relation to physical-geographic features (such as continents, mountains, oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes). In economic and political geography the term denotes the situation of a country, region, or populated area in relation to other economic-geographic features (including routes of communication, markets, and economic centers) and physical-geographic features, as well as the situation of a country in relation to other countries or groups of countries. Geographic position is one of the conditions determining the development of countries, regions, cities, and other populated areas. The practical importance of geographical position varies with different socioeconomic formations.

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This geographic position draws the SCO member states closer, the Prime Minister of Pakistan stated.
There is need for African countries to work in concert and capitalise on their resources and geographic position to realise their full potential.
Talking to reporters outside the Parliament House, he said due to geographic position of Pakistan, the international community desired to strengthen ties with it under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif.
Optimal Ranging's proprietary FieldSens remote sensing technology integrates with GNSS-derived geographic positions. The Spar determines the offset and depth of the pipe or cable and automatically merges it with the GNSS geographic position to produce a survey-grade subsurface 3-D map, with estimates of both horizontal and vertical RMS error, in GIS or CAD formats for export.
The country holds an important economic and geographic position, since the country is close to the area populated by half of people of the globe.
In his view, this textbook, apart from the appalling information on Albanians, offers other misinformation about the geographic position of Macedonia too.
Damascus, (SANA)-The Telecommunications General Establishment signed a number of memos of understanding with a number of communications servers in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, UAE in the framework of the regional communications to benefit from Syria's geographic position as a passageway for the international regional communications.
There are more foreign investments in Serbia and Croatia because of their geographic position, the size of their territories and markets but Macedonia ended 2009 with much less foreign investments than Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country that is barely surviving, analyzes Vladimir Nikoloski from Nova Makedonija.
Egypt's geographic position and low wages still remain a decisive advantage in the regional competition for attracting foreign capital.
"Its geographic position means that its membership will greatly enhance the agency's presence and energy security in Central and Eastern Europe." While a net energy importer, and heavily dependent on crude oil and gas supplies from Russia, Poland is also the third largest OECD coal producer.
Bill Robertson, managing director of Robertson, said: "Blue Sky Way is in a fantastic geographic position for businesses, with easy access to the A19 and A1."

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