Geographical Base

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Geographical Base


or geographic base of a map, elements of a thematic map that are not part of its special content. The geographic base facilitates orientation and the elucidation of laws governing the distribution of the phenomena relating to the map’s theme. The theme and purpose of a map determine the content and character of the geographic base. On small-scale thematic maps of the world and of continents the geographic base is frequently restricted to the depiction of the coastline, major rivers and lakes, and large cities. On maps with larger scales the geographic base may also indicate such phenomena as vegetation, relief, lines of communication, political and administrative boundaries, glaciers, and swamps. The geographic base is particularly detailed and graphic on maps designed for practical use, where it ensures the spatial localization of depicted phenomena.

In the compilation of thematic maps the geographic base serves as a kind of framework for cartographic representation and the plotting of specific content. In the compilation of serial thematic maps and atlases a standard geographic base is often prepared, which is then used for a number of interrelated maps.


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It had the culture and language of a distinct separatist group, but no easy-to-define geographical base that was easy to recognise.
This acquisition adds volume to Superior's portfolio, diversifies customer and geographical base and includes an attractive group of assets with coastal presence that is integral in the company's continued expansion of the wholesale business along the western coast of the US.
Likewise, Alisha Iftikhar, given her geographical base, is totally alien to voters living on the western edge of the NA-114 constituency Athara Hazari and Ahmedpur Sial tehsils.
Doreen Massey and Hilary Wainwright commented at the time that the support movement had 'as broad a social and geographical base as any post-war radical political movement'.
IFA Real Estate Services operates and manages commercial, residential and hospitality assets over a diverse geographical base across four continents.
The Bank's already good profitability continued to improve at both operating and net levels, reflecting multiple sources of revenue derived from a reasonably diversified geographical base and product mix.
Presenting tracks from their album World Without Words, the band will attempt to incorporate "the wider tonal spectrum that influences the Trio's geographical base of Nicosia into the global character of that music which thrives on improvisation."
'Narrow,' because our economic growth had a narrow sectoral and geographical base. Services - most prominently banking and insurance, real estate, business process outsourcing and trade - had been the primary drivers of our economy's growth for well over two decades.
But our geographical base will largely be the same-eastern UP and Bihar."
Restoring global prosperity requires a much broader geographical base than it did back then.
A broad geographical base for terrorist activities would make the challenge of containing it nearly impossible.
Without any such assurance, handing areas back to the Taliban is akin to granting them the geographical base that they have been endeavoring to create for their movement.
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