Geologic Section

geologic section

[¦jē·ə¦läj·ik ′sek·shən]
Any succession of rock units found at the surface or below ground in an area. Also known as section.

Geologic Section


(also geologic profile), a vertical section of the earth’s crust from its surface to a depth. Geologic sections are made on the basis of geologic maps and data from geologic observations, mine works, boreholes, geophysical investigations, and so on. They are usually made at right angles to the geologic structures along straight or broken lines, which in cases of deep test holes pass through these boreholes and show the location, age, and composition of the rocks. Geologic sections are particularly important for regions covered with thick mantles of Anthropogenic accumulations. The scale line of a geologic section usually corresponds to the scale of the corresponding geologic map. The scale of height is equal to the scale line, which makes it possible to give an undistorted representation of the nature of the relief and geologic structure. The relationship between the different elements of the relief of a region and its geologic structure must be clarified when resolving many practical problems (when planning railroad lines, surveying during building construction, building dams, and so on). In such cases it is necessary to use an enlarged scale of height that exceeds the scale line by tens and even hundreds of times.


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For a portion of the leases, it is acquiring the rights to the deeper geologic section below the Bakken pool.
Based on geophysical and structural observations a geologic section between the cities of Ibague and Armenia (Colombia) has been interpreted to establish the dominant structural style and the basement configuration at depth.
All three of these recent wells had direct hydrocarbon indicators and we are currently drilling our significant El Brus prospect, a 9,500 feet Vicksburg exploratory well, which is another example of our strategy of taking our direct hydrocarbon detection work deeper in the geologic section.
One tack taken by geologists studying the Cretaceous-Tertiary (K/T) boundary is to look at the distribution of elements in geologic sections.
Geologic sections and plans generated by Noranda Minerals are being digitized and input into the model.