Geological Contact

Contact, Geological


the contact surface of rocks that form contiguous sections of the earth’s crust. Geological contacts are classified as normal, or stratigraphic, when sedimentary or effusive rock is deposited on older rock; intrusive, if comparatively young intrusive rock has broken through older rock, causing various changes in it; and tectonic, when rocks of different content, origin, and age adjoin along the surface of a tectonic fault.

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The claims are situated along a geological contact trend, previously explored in the 1890's when three short adits were dug out of the hillside.
Preliminary modelling of the results of this work suggest that a shallow dipping zone of Yttrium enrichment occurs as a blanket immediately above the high grade Phosphate zone at the faulted geological contact of the Inca Formation (top - Yttrium) and Beetle Creek Formation (bottom - Phosphate).
The 20% Fe level is natural cut-off imposed by the geology as generally the limit of the resource wireframe coincides with the geological contact of the BIF.
We have also added a drill on our 100% owned Timmins Mine property to explore for new mineralisation along the north-east extension of the same geological contact hosting the Rusk Zone.
The location of the key geological contact between the sedimentary rocks and the monzonite porphyry changes strike from north-west-southeast strike adjacent to the main Buccaneer Porphyry zone to more north-south strike in the area of north-west extensions which is likely due to fault offsets.
The recognition of the geological contact between the intrusive rocks and the sedimentary rocks has important implications for regional prospecting.
Geology: Molybdenum found in a broad zone near the geological contact between a porphyritic intrusive and sedimentary rock.
This model dictates the need for future exploration and drilling programs to focus on the newly defined Target Zone which corresponds with a broad zone on either side of the geological contact between the Tinombo Formation and the Malala Porphyry.

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