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A sizeable Anglophone literature has explored the achievements of several key figures in the development of the geological timescale and fundamental concepts of geohistory.
In addition to many photographs and illustrations, the volume includes rock and mineral tables, a geological timescale, and a glossary.
The region is thought to have been volcanically active until 100-250 million years ago, relatively recent on a geological timescale.
How methane gets into the moon's atmosphere has long been of great interest to researchers, as molecules of this gas are broken apart by sunlight on short geological timescales.
The new method accelerates the chemical reaction that would generally take geological timescales in nature, the BBC reported.
Biogeochemistry is a multidisciplinary field that studies the interactions, over both human and geological timescales, of living things and the earth's chemical cycles.
Geological cycles run at geological timescales of millions of years.
If like us you opt for south to north, you are moving back in time - from the boomtown modernity of Ho Chi Minh City to the colonial charm of Hanoi to the geological timescales of Halong Bay.
Of course, over geological timescales there are events like Ice Ages and intervening warm periods because complex systems change through time.
These results provide evidence that the long-term evolution of Antarctic plankton communities was significantly impacted changes in climate on relatively short geological timescales," adds Dr Bohaty, who is based at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (NOCS).
The probability of an event intense enough to disrupt life on the land or in the oceans becomes large, if considered on geological timescales.
However, on geological timescales of millions of years other processes determine the carbon cycle.