Geology and Fossil Fuel Treatment, Institute of IGIRGI

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Geology and Fossil Fuel Treatment, Institute of (IGIRGI)


a scientific research institute of the Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR and the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

The institute was organized in Moscow in 1958, when the Institute of Oil of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR was divided into several smaller institutes. In 1971 it had departments studying the scientific justification of the directions and methodology of exploration and intelligence, the patterns and distribution of oil and gas deposits, the patterns of the transformation of organic and mineral substances in sedimentary rocks, oil geology and the oil industries of foreign countries, physical-geographic problems of increasing the output of oil, and geologic-economic research. Its main undertaking is the study of patterns in the formation and distribution of oil and gas deposits in the USSR and the formulation of scientific criteria for their prognosis, the geologic economic evaluation of the sources of raw materials of the oil and gas industry, and the clarification of the scientific bases of the location, study, and exploitation of oil and gas deposits. The institute publishes the results of its research in Problemy neftianoi geologii (Problems of Oil Geology, since 1968, Nedra Publishing House), Referativnyi sbornik n.-i. rabot IGIRGI (Reference Handbook of the Scientific Research Work of the Institute of Geology and Fossil Fuel Treatment; since 1963), and handbooks on the geologic formation and oil and gas deposits of the different regions of the USSR.


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