Geometric Solid

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Solid, Geometric


any bounded region of space together with its boundary. Euclid, in his Elements, defined a solid as “that which has length, breadth, and depth.” In textbooks on elementary geometry, a solid is sometimes defined as a portion of space that is bounded on all sides.

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For instance, in a study (Sedig et al., 2005), learners were given the two VMRs in Figure 10 with which to interact: a geometric solid (a), and a diagrammatic map of transitional relationships among a set of solids (b).
For instance, an MCT, Archimedean Kaleidoscope (Morey & Sedig, 2004b), allows learners to rotate 3D geometric solids. Figure 1 shows two snapshots of a solid being rotated.
An examiner rejected a pair of the applicant's design patent applications after identifying the designs as being formed by the intersection of two geometric solids. The first application involved a vase formed by the intersection of an "oblate ellipsoid with a pentagonal cylinder." The second application involved a vase formed by intersecting "an egg shaped revolved hyperboloid with a square frustrum." The examiner, having a keen eye and sense of geometry was able to identify each design as the combinational intersection of basic geometric shapes.
Students sort a set of 12 wooden geometric solids in two different ways.
Mathematical topics include: more and less; numeration; addition and subtraction; time words; forming patterns; writing equations; story problems; chart coordinates; percents; fractions; measurement abbreviations; coins; liquid measurement; symmetry designs; Venn diagrams; volume and area of geometric solids; factors; permutations; and probability.
With a vast palette of geometric solids to choose from, Hart has fashioned polyhedral models and sculptures from all sorts of materials and objects, including plexiglass, brass, papier-mache, pipe cleaners, pencils, floppy disks, toothbrushes, paper clips, and plastic cutlery.
Platonic solids, Archimedian solids, other geometric solids, and the mathematical relationships related to these solids were the objects of study.
Spalletti doesn't "paint"; rather, he spreads a kind of colored impasto, made from pure pigment, over his supports - which include geometric solids formed out of marble or alabaster.
All teachers of the primary grades have watched children stack boxes, soup cans, and geometric solids with great fascination.
Students are given a collection of geometric solids and thin attribute block pieces and are asked to categorize the collection in several different ways and to share their findings in small groups.
Other activities include making curves with straight lines, creating a set of tangram pieces, tessellating squares into interesting patterns, constructing a Mobius strip, and putting together nets to build some basic geometric solids. All these activities are probably quite familiar to many teachers, but they are presented in a way that encourages children to pursue them independently.
One task involved handing out labeled geometric solids to the children.