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5b and 5c, owing to resolution limitations in the 1-km geomorphological maps. To evaluate the flood peak dependence on the elongation ratio among basins of varying sizes, peak flow rate in [m.sup.3] [s.sup.-1] was normalized by the drainage area to be converted to mm [h.sup.-1].
The Earth's crust type is determined for each cartographic trapezoid as well as geo-and morphostructural peculiarities of the Earth's surface, the details of which are taken from the geomorphological maps of the world and from some separate continents published by geomorphology team of USSR Geography Institute under the direction of I.P.
These maps together with synoptic, nature zones and geomorphological maps (where systems of signs are not officially standardised but based on certain traditions) can be attributed to the group of partly standardised maps.
Abstract: The geomorphological mapping is a difficult and time-consuming task, but the geomorphological maps are necessary tools in many practical activities.
Because of the laborious error correction process, in most of the cases the conversion of analogue geomorphological maps in digital format is made without validating them.
In order to simplify the validation of the digital geomorphological maps we proposed a new method: the use of terrain classification method in an Object-based image analysis (OBIA) environment for the extraction of the main specific landforms from the DEM and their use as benchmarks to make faster corrections of the geomorphological maps.
Geological and geomorphological maps of the same spatial and temporal resolution were used in conjunction with landuse, slope, soil and roads/settlements layers in GIS environment, the procedural steps are presented in the form of a flow diagram as Fig.
Aerial photographs, satellite imagery, and topographic, geological, and geomorphological maps served as the principal data sets for locating and georeferencing the environmental and cultural data obtained through survey.
Compared with the feverish activities of earlier months, the Busang jungles are calm again as mining workers, drilling machinery and geomorphological maps of the ore in that Far East country's East Kalimantan province have been transported out.
Geomorphological and morphostructural analysis, aiming at quantitative characteristics of tectonically-controlled landforms, consisted in re-ambulation of the existing geomorphological maps of the area, as well as in construction of maps od relief energy, river valley density, and selected physiographic parameters of small-scale drainage basins.
The key-stone of the analysis of the landforms is the geomorphological map, where the mapped elements are classified according to a geomorphological legend.
During the six years of mapping, several thousands of landforms of various origins were recorded and embedded into the detailed geomorphological map.