Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff

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Knobelsdorff, Georg Wenzeslaus von


Born Feb. 17, 1699, on Kuckädel Estate, near Crossen, in Saxony; died Sept. 16, 1753, in Berlin. German architect.

In 1740, Knobelsdorff became the superintendent of Prussian royal palaces and parks. A precursor of early classicism, he designed a number of buildings with simple yet elegant facades and eleborate rococo interiors. His works include the new wing of Charlottenburg Castle (1740–43, Berlin), the Opera House (now the State Opera, 1741–43, Berlin), the Sans Souci Palace (1745–47, Potsdam), and the Town Palace (1745–51, Potsdam).


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