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Abbot, George,

1562–1633, archbishop of Canterbury. He was one of the collaborators (from the Univ. of Oxford) on the Authorized Version of the Bible and was an authority on geography. He became archbishop in 1611. His firm Puritan views and antipathy toward the growing High Church party made him unpopular. His accidental killing of a gamekeeper while hunting (1621) was used against him. His steady opposition to William LaudLaud, William,
1573–1645, archbishop of Canterbury (1633–45). He studied at St. John's College, Oxford, and was ordained a priest in 1601. From the beginning Laud showed his hostility to Puritanism. He became president of St.
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, together with his refusal (1627) to countenance the elevation of the king's prerogative over law and Parliament, led Charles I to force him from active control over church affairs.


See biography by P. A. Welsby (1962); bibliography by R. A. Christophers (1966).

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However, she missed out on her four preferred options - Guildford County School, St Peter's Catholic School, George Abbot School and Broadwater School in Farncombe - due to over-subscription.
Adapted by George Abbot with music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Lorenz Hart, it is the tale of two sets of identical twins.
Mold's tries throughout the whole of the tournament came from Alun Evans (4), Harvey Arrowsmith (3), George Abbot (3), Finley Abbott (3), Seth Geary (3), William Roberts (2), Sam Harrison (2), Monty Roberts and Oliver Jones.
As chance would have it, as the Abbots joined the heavy traffic of the East Lancs, the youngest member of the family, 11-year-old George Abbot, noticed his next door neighbour, a stern spinster he only knew as Mrs Mince, driving behind in her old car.
And what a remarkable cadre this proved to be for young TW: Barbara Matera, Richard Pilbrow, Hal Prince, Mike Nichols, to name a few, with cameos by William and Jean Eckert, Boris Aronson, Jean Rosenthal, Abe Feder, and George Abbot.
On 4 August 1622 the Archbishop of Canterbury, George Abbot, released James's Directions to Preachers in a not wholly successful attempt to bring to heel a pulpit discourse threatening to spiral out of control, a control related to sedition in politics rather than theology.
A divorce commission under Dr George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury, met during May and June 1613, taking evidence full of intimate details from a dozen witnesses.
A nice new stadium for the Guildford City FC with pre-match beers in The White House and The George Abbot. Lovely.
The Calvinist households of the Archbishop of Canterbury, George Abbot, and the Bishop of London, John King, effectively controlled ecclesiastical authorization in the early years of James's reign, and their interests and those of the Crown did not necessarily coincide.