George Abraham Grierson

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Sir George Abraham Grierson OM KCIE
BirthplaceDublin, Ireland
Known for Linguistic Survey of India
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Grierson, George Abraham


Born Jan. 7, 1851, in Glanageary; died Mar. 9, 1941, at Cambridge. Anglo-Irish linguist; student of the languages of India.

Grierson worked in the colonial administration in India (largely in Bihar and West Bengal). His first work, Bihar Peasant Life (1885), presented extensive material on the language and material culture of Bihar. He studied Hindi, Kashmiri, and the Dard languages of India. Grierson’s principal scholarly contribution was the compilation of the multivolume Linguistic Survey of India.


Seven Grammars of the Dialects and Subdialects of the Bihári Language, parts 1–8. Calcutta, 1883–87.
Linguistic Survey of India, vols. 1–11. Compiled and edited by G. A. Grierson. Calcutta, 1904–28.


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George Abraham Grierson (1851-1941) did a monumental work on the languages spoken in the subcontinent.
For example, the 1961 census figure of less than 5 million (4,982,615) Maithili speakers in Bihar is, regrettably, grossly inaccurate vis-a-vis the figure of more than 9 million (9,389,376) estimated by Sir George Abraham Grierson as early as 1891 (Brass 1974:64).
The first grammar of Maithili was written by a firangi: I am of course alluding to George Abraham Grierson (1881a).