George Lillo

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Lillo, George


Born Feb. 4, 1693, in London; died there Sept. 3, 1739. English playwright. Son of a Dutch jeweler.

Lillo’s major plays were The London Merchant, or The History of George Barnwell (1731; Russian translation 1764) and The Fatal Curiosity (1736). His works solidified the position on the English stage of the domestic tragedy, or tragedie bourgeoise, which combined realistic character portrayal with moral edification. His dramas influenced literature in both Great Britain (H. Fielding, E. Moore) and France, where D. Diderot and J.-J. Rousseau were among those who esteemed Lillo highly. In the 19th century, W. Thackeray parodied Lillo’s style in his play George de Barnwell.


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51) Pierre Clement de Geneve, Le Marchand de Londres, ou l'histoire de George Barnwell.
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Domestic tragedy did not take hold, however, until reintroduced in the 18th century by George Lillo with The London Merchant; or, The History of George Barnwell (1731).
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu asserted that `whoever did not cry at George Barnwell must deserve to be hanged'.