George Bentham

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Bentham, George


Born Sept. 22, 1800, in Stock, near Plymouth; died Sept. 10,1884, in London. English botanist. Together with J. Hooker, Bentham wrote the fundamental work Genera Plantarum (vols. 1–3,1862–83), in which every genus of flowering plants was described. He also gave descriptions of the flora of Australia (with F. Muller), India, the environs of Hong Kong, and other locales.

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In the bound issue of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society (LSL 1839) were articles written by the famous English botanist George Bentham (1800-1884) and David Don.
Mueller had been an active explorer and plant collector in his youth, but by 1870 he had held a responsible position as Government Botanist for Victoria for nearly 20 years, and was producing a huge volume of published botanical work including the monumental Flora Australiensis in collaboration with Hooker's elder colleague at Kew, George Bentham (Home et al.
Transferred to a new genus and the subject of a new combination by George Bentham in 1848, Dicerandra linearifolia is easily recognized in the field by spurred anthers on the flowers.