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Best, George

Best, George, 1946–2005, Northern Irish soccer play, b. Belfast. Regarded as the greatest player ever in British soccer, he was signed by Manchester United in 1961. He first played for the team in 1963, and helped them win two First Division titles (1965, 1967) and the European Cup (1968). Noted for his deft ball control and fine sense of balance as well as on-field theatrics, he was adored by fans. The excesses of his playboy lifestyle contributed to the early end (1974) of his career with Manchester United, with 178 goals in 466 games. His later play with lesser teams, when he was increasingly hampered by alcoholism, never equaled his decade in the First Division.
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ERIC CANTONA insists George Best will be "turning the head of God" in a bizarre tribute to the Manchester United legend.
Ferdinand said: "The game was played in the right spirit and George Best always played the game in the right spirit.
Yet there remains something heroic about George Best. Modern day players seem to reach superstardom before they've even reached the first team, but to become the first true star of the post-maximum wage era you had to be something special.
His family are maintaining a vigil at his bedside at Cromwell Hospital, west London, in the hope he will pull through A hospital spokesman said yesterday: "George Best remains stable but in a critical condition and is still in intensive care.
He said: 'Sadly George Best has not proved himself to be a very good role model and his very high profile drinking has made people lose faith in transplantation.
I do wonder though if there was a young George Best coming through now if he would be allowed to flourish by some of the modern day coaches.
Manchester United has brought its official replica Barclay's Premier League and UEFA Champions League trophies to Northern Ireland for a oneoff exhibition dedicated to the greatness of George Best's playing skills.
A WEBSITE set up by an Examiner columnist crashed after almost a million George Best fans visited it.
Prime Minister Tony Blair led the tributes, saying: "We all know that George Best was probably the most naturally gifted footballer of his generation, one of the greatest footballers the UK has ever produced."
LEGEND: George Best in his prime playing for Manchester United; DEAD: George Best
Worst moment: The Ibrox disasterBest moment: Playing alongside George Best in a charity game.
A DOCUMENTARY exploring George Best's journey from Belfast's back streets to the top of soccer has premiered.