George Buchanan

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George Buchanan
BirthplaceKillearn, Stirlingshire, Scotland
historian, scholar
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Buchanan, George


Born February 1506; died Sept. 28, 1582. Scottish politician, ecclesiastic reformer, adherent of the bourgeois trend of the Reformation, and historian.

Persecuted for his espousal of the idea of Reformation, Buchanan fled from Scotland in 1539 and returned to his homeland around 1561 after the victory of the Reformation. He turned against the Scottish queen Mary Stuart. After her abdication and flight from Scotland he became tutor of her son, King James VI, the future English king James I. He was the author of a book on the history of Scotland and of treatises in which are found expressions of the idea of struggle against tyranny, in particular, of the right of the people to elect and to depose their rulers.


Rerum Scoticarum historia. Edinburgh, 1582.
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The Earl was appointed also to keep the peace towards the celebrated George Buchanan, who had a pension out of the same Abbacy, to a similar extent, and under the like penalty.
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"The key enterprise functions call for the establishment of information condification, an information repository and universal information access, so that one corporate-wide system can process such things as payroll, inventory, process control and billing," explains George Buchanan, director of Hughes Business Communications, who heads up the GM Hughes ENA initiative.
It was probably a sapling when George Buchanan, our greatest medieval Latin poet, who tutored Mary, Queen of Scots, first travelled to Stirling from his home in Killearn, along the same road.
George Buchanan was charged with having a replica of a Sig Sauer 9mm semi-automatic handgun which fired steel ball bearings.
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The sonnets were later circulated in print in the vernacular translations by Thomas Wilson of a Latin collection of writings by George Buchanan, De Maria Scotorum Regina, which was first published in 1571.
The Scottish writer and Humanist, George Buchanan (1506-1582), is largely forgotten today, even in his home country.