George Burns

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George Burns
Nathan Birnbaum
BirthplaceNew York City, New York, USA
Actor, comedian, writer

Burns, George,

1896–1996, b. New York City as Nathan Birnbaum, and his wife Gracie Allen, 1906–64, b. San Francisco, American comedy team (1923–58). In vaudeville in the 1920s, on radio (1932–50) and television (1950–58) and in films, they played an endlessly patient husband and scatterbrained wife. Although he continued to perform after his wife's retirement, his solo career did not flourish until he won an Academy Award for The Sunshine Boys (1975). Subsequently, Burns enjoyed great success as a cigar-puffing nightclub entertainer and as a film actor, becoming particularly well-known for his role as God in three motion pictures.


See his Gracie: A Love Story (1988) and All My Best Friends (1989); biography by M. Gottfried (1996).

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VETERAN American comed-ian George Burns is fighting to cling on to life - just six days away from his 100th birthday.
But that should come as no surprise to those who know and love George Burns.
It is a joy, therefore, to report on a book written by that breed with wit, clarity, and insight; one that quotes with equal reverence the words of Yogi Berra, George Burns, Mary Poppins, and Calvin Coolidge.
Although June quarter equipment sales were up nearly 60 percent compared to the same quarter a year ago, we anticipate a more rapid deceleration to single-digit sales growth by mid-2007," said George Burns, SMA president.
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1981 DAVID GRAHAM (AUS) 7 under Graham hit every green in regulation on the last day, three shots clear of George Burns and Bill Rogers.
With this hit number Bennett passes the late George Burns, who was 84 when he scored a 1980 hit with I Wish I Was 18 Again, Contactmusic reported.
Frankie wouldn't last 10 minutes on stage with the greats of the past, such as Tommy Cooper, Eric and Ernie, George Burns, Francie and Josie, Bob Hope and Benny Hill.
GEORGE BURNS was 80 when he won an Oscar in 1975 for The Sunshine Boys.
Nevada credit unions are faring OK amid the state's deep recession, but problems in consumer loan portfolios lie ahead for banks and CUs, according to the state's top supervisor, George Burns.
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