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PLAYING A STRAIGHT BAT Visually impaired cricketer George Burns, from Washington, at Belmont yesterday.
In 1978, he earned a Writers Guild Award for his work on "The George Burns One Man Show," shared with co-writers Elon Packard and Fox.
But Ebihara carved out a seven-shot adavantage over the Scot with a sparkling 65 and leads American George Burns by three.
at downtown Hoboken, once hosted George Burns and Gracie Allen, but was demolished 50 years ago and subsequently used as a parking lot.
Brian Murray's Man and Marian Seldes's Woman are the same figures "after the fall," now in the guise of George Burns and Gracie Allen, the gruff-voiced wise-cracker and his ditsy female sidekick.
Film star Eleanor Powell was the Grand Trouper throughout the late 1930s and early 1940s and contributed a chatty monthly column discussing her films and supplying anecdotes about other stars such as Joan Crawford, George Burns, Fred Astaire, Red Skelton, Spencer Tracy, Jimmy Stewart, and Mickey Rooney.
VETERAN American comed-ian George Burns is fighting to cling on to life - just six days away from his 100th birthday.
What is 93-year-old George Burns doing in a fitness tape?
But that should come as no surprise to those who know and love George Burns.
It is a joy, therefore, to report on a book written by that breed with wit, clarity, and insight; one that quotes with equal reverence the words of Yogi Berra, George Burns, Mary Poppins, and Calvin Coolidge.
Although June quarter equipment sales were up nearly 60 percent compared to the same quarter a year ago, we anticipate a more rapid deceleration to single-digit sales growth by mid-2007," said George Burns, SMA president.
BORN BUZZ Aldrin, astronaut, 1930, above GEORGE Burns, US actor, 1896 DAVID Lynch, US director, 1946 DIED AUDREY Hepburn, film actress, 1993, above ETTA James US soul singer, 2012 BARBARA Stanwyck, film actress, 1990