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Grey, George


Born Apr. 14, 1812, In Lisbon; died Sept. 19, 1898, in London. British officer and explorer of Australia.

Grey explored the northwestern coast of Australia (Collier Bay region) in 1837–38 and the western coast in 1838–39, where at 25° S lat., traveling northward by sea from the city of Perth, he discovered the Gascoyne River. On the way back, suffering a shipwreck in the vicinity of Geelvink Channel, he discovered to the north of the channel the mouth of the Murchison River (27° 30’ S lat.) and for the first time journeyed by land down the coast to Perth.

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A later representative was Sir George Grey (MP from 1853-74), who was three times Home Secretary and a member of one of the great political families.
A karakia recorded by Governor George Grey in 1853, tribal origin
Adrian Bottomley, who organised the sale of CDs of Graham's work with Buzzard, Welcome and Ckreed to raise money for a plaque, says the line-up will be George Grey, Geoff Layton Bennett, Steve Carter and John Sunter, with a guest singer.
It was the idea of Sir George Grey, the governor of Cape Colony who favoured a policy of integration, civilisation and religious conversion of the local tribes people, rather than military suppression and control.
The SnapMyLife iPhone/iPod Touch application is a great addition to the SnapMyLife offering," said George Grey, CEO and founder, SnapMyLife.
Paul Manship's Lincoln the Hoosier Youth (1932) in Fort Wayne, Indiana; George Grey Barnard's Lincoln (1917) in Cincinnati; Augustus Saint-Gaudens's Standing Lincoln (1887) in Chicago; Gutson Borglum's Seated Lincoln (1911) in Newark; and James Earle Fraser's Lincoln (1930) in Jersey City.
The honorary attendents were Beth Piazza Bonin of Memphis, Tennessee; Jennifer George Grey and Maggie Maynord Nasif, both of Vicksburg; Mary Lacy Montgomery of Jackson; Elizabeth Erin Giachelli of Brandon; Jana Golson Berkery of Knoxville, Tennessee; Leslie Lee Renfroe of Houston, Texas; and Lana Claire Freeman of Oxford.
At the weekend George Grey 83, and wife Margaret, 78, celebrated their diamond anniversary with their children, Margaret, 57, Mary-Ann, 52, Catherine, 49, Pamela, 48, Anthony, 43, and Trevor, 42, along with their 14 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.
Other notable items in the sale include a half-length portrait of Captain the Hon Sir George Grey, KCB, by Romney, and a pencil and chalk sketch of Sir Thomas Lawrence of George, 6th Duke of Argyll, which are expected to sell for up to pounds 30,000 each.
Charles Grey was born at Falloden, near Alnwick in Northumberland, on March 13, 1764, the son of General Sir Charles Grey and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of George Grey of Southwick, Durham.
Ten years ago the inspector was involved in the arrest of Glasgow travel boss Brian Doran and George Grey, who were found with over a ton of hashish.
One outcome was the New Zealand Settlement Act of 1863 under which Governor George Grey confiscated over a million acres of Waikato land.