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Halas, George (Stanley) “Papa Bear”

(1895–1983) football player, coach, owner, pioneer; born in Chicago. In 1920 he formed the Decatur (Ill.) Staleys, which was one of the 11 original teams in the newly founded American Professional Football Association. This became the National Football League (NFL) in 1922, the same year Halas moved his team to Chicago and renamed it the Bears. While coaching the team (1920–29) he played end; he returned as coach only for 1933–42, 1946–55 and 1958–68; during all those years the Bears won seven NFL championships and he amassed a league-record 325 coaching wins. He is credited with several innovations that led to modern football and for his sideline histrionics. He was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame in 1963 and he owned the Bears until his death.
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Belichick also has nine years of experience as a defensive coordinator and is tied with NFL icons George Halas and Vince Lombardi for the most NFL championships as a head coach with five.
When pro football caught on, teams like the Bears, the Giants, and the Steelers were owned by men who had invented those organizations--men such as George Halas at Chicago, Art Rooney in Pittsburgh, and Wellington Mara in New York.
Under player/coach George Halas, the Staleys won 20-0 and went on to become the famous Chicago Bears.
With the evolution of the ETF industry, advisors are allowed discretion to coach from the sidelines, be active on the playing field or do both--channeling their inner George Halas or Bill Russell.
The win was the Patriots' 250th in 368 total games under Robert Kraft, tying him with Chicago's George Halas for the fastest an owner has reached the milestone.
Chicago Bears owner George Halas had one of the biggest venues around in Wrigley Field, but Halas didn't like to play games on the road--where most teams struggled to draw more than 2,000 or 3,000 fans--during the most profitable part of the season.
So, Chicago certainly has had its share of suffering--and celebration, lest we forget Michael Jordan and the Bulls NBA title run of six championships between 1991-98, or those great Bears teams of George Halas and, later, once the Super Bowl was in vogue, Buddy Ryan.
WASHINGTON - To hear the lovefest going on between UCLA and Temple, you'd think George Halas was squaring off against Vince Lombardi, they'd be coaching Emmitt Smith and Johnny Unitas against Lawrence Taylor and Deion Sanders and their EagleBank Bowl matchup on Tuesday pitted the top two teams in football history.
It claimed the agreement expands a relationship between the airline and the Bears which dates back to team flights with Papa Bear George Halas and home games at Wrigley Field.
Although George Halas was Sayers' coach, their relationship was more like father and son.
With the passing game opened up, Chicago Bears coach George Halas unleashed quarterback Sid Luck?
Mientras uno aceptaba el trofeo George Halas como campeon de la NFC, el otro comenzaba a escribir en Indianapolis la segunda parte de esta historia.