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Lewis, George (William)

(1882–1948) aeronautical engineer; born in Ithaca, N.Y. As aeronautical research director of the National Advisory Committee of Aeronautics (1924–47), he helped produce national requirements for aircraft design. By the time he retired, his department had three laboratories, 40 wind tunnels, and 6,000 employees. The Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory, Cleveland, Ohio, was named for him (1948).
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With sets from George Lewis (pictured), Jarred Christmas and Steve Gribbin.
Other than that time away in Eastbourne, Lily moved only once in her life; when she married George Lewis from Taff Street and they settled here at number 19.
George Lewis then top scored with an unbeaten 70 as Usk ran out victors.
Caption: Cecilia Alvear with her partner George Lewis and Nieman advisory board member Carolyn Curiel
George Lewis, originally a jazz trombonist, is a long-standing member of AACM and the dialogue between his friends and colleagues simply using forenames proved an irritant: a key scene was undoubtedly between Muhal Richard Abrams and Kelan Phil Cohran and I identified a few others, but I had a sense of being on the outside, not knowing many people at a party.
RBC head of Wealth Management and Insurance George Lewis said,
Guzman, currently managing director and head of global investment banking in the bank's capital markets division, is to assume his new role on November 1, replacing George Lewis, who will become a senior portfolio manager in the bank's global asset management operations.
uk Now signed to a major label, Dominican-born George Lewis Jr has unleashed a mix of gigantic hooks as he sings about heartbreaking uncertainty, self-doubt and desire.
Top musicians from Europe and America graced Redcar's Coatham Hotel to play for 1,000 plus fans, including tenor sax player Ben Webster, George Lewis, Henry "Red" Allen, Wild Bill Davison, Pee Wee Russell, Champion Jack Dupree, Ruby Braff, Sonny Boy Williamson and Buck Clayton.
Whyte describes the journey of Robert Burns, William Cunningham, William Chalmers, Henry Ferguson, and George Lewis to the US; their anti-slavery views and desire to influence Southern churches about slavery; the roles of Scottish minister Thomas Chalmers, American minister Henry C.
The region's high net worth population and wealth has increased by 31 per cent and 27 per cent respectively since 2007, far outpacing growth in the rest of the world of 14 per cent and nine per cent," George Lewis, group head of RBC Wealth Management, said in a statement.