George Lucas

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George Lucas
George Walton Lucas, Jr.
BirthplaceModesto, California, U.S.
Chairman & CEO of Lucasfilm
EducationModesto Junior College

Lucas, George

(1945–  ) movie director/producer; born in Modesto, Calif. After injuring himself as a high school car racer, he became interested in moviemaking and at the Cinema School of the University of Southern California he made a prize-winning science fiction short, THX-1138 (1965). He became a protégé and assistant of Francis Ford Coppola and was one of the cameramen on the documentary, Gimme Shelter (1970). He turned his student film, THX-1138, into a full-length movie (1971), gained considerable recognition with American Graffiti (1973), and then attained phenomenal success with Star Wars (1977), the first of a series of science fiction films. With virtually unlimited resources as a result of the success of his Star War movies, he became increasingly involved in developing state-of-the-art special effects and in producing the works of other young filmmakers.
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But that's my dream, I would love to work for George Lucas and Disney."
George Lucas could invest their energy in telling new stories, rather than complaining about an old one.
But George Lucas finally delivered the goods with a well-rounded action adventurewhich also works as a one-off story.
Because despite the millions of dollars in the bank account, and despite being one of the world's most successful filmmakers ever, George Lucas is completely stuck.
A film buff and an avid reader of science fiction, David answered questions on the Jurassic Park Trilogy for his heats while his specialist subject for the final was the life and work of Star Wars director George Lucas.
SF fans who favor pure escapist fiction replete with alien hierarchies, geographies and gadgets so fully realized that they unroll before your eyes like a George Lucas film, will love this book.
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Droid Maker: George Lucas And The Digital Revolution by writer, educator, entrepreneur Michael Rubin (who joined "The Droid Works" at Lucasfilm in 1985 to introduce new sound and film editing technologies to the filmmakers) offers readers the inside story of George Lucas, his intensely private company, and their revolutionary work in filmmaking.
One of the attractive elements of Creator/Director George Lucas' Star Wars films has been the clear good-versus-evil theme that ubiquitously appears throughout the storylines.
In Hollywood in the mid-1970s everyone thought young director George Lucas was a prat and his planned film, Star Wars, laughable.