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Mitchell, George (John)

(1933–  ) U.S. senator; born in Waterville, Maine. Having served as U.S. attorney and U.S. district judge in Maine, he was elected to the U.S. Senate (Dem., Maine; 1980–95). Elected senate majority leader in 1989, he actively supported environmental legislation and liberal tax reform measures. He achieved national fame during the Senate's Iran-Contra investigation for his skillful interrogation of Oliver North.
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Summary: US Mideast envoy George Mitchell pressed the two-state solution on Thursday to Israeli officials, where hawkish new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposes a Palestinian state.
FORMER United States Senator George Mitchell was awarded the Hesse State Peace Prize yesterday for his efforts in bringing about the Good Friday peace accord in April last year.
But he changed his mind after talking with then-Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell and then-Sen.
GEORGE Mitchell was back in the fray of Irish politics yesterday.
Shareholders have been asked by consultant Institutional Shareholder Services to withhold their support for the five Disney board members up for election, including former Senate Majority leader George Mitchell and Roy E.
PEACEMAKER George Mitchell yesterday hit back at claims by hardline Unionists that he was "dispirited" and without "the slightest optimism".
OLYMPICS: Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell is the new co-chairman of the USOC's ethics panel.
Summary: US special envoy George Mitchell said on Saturday that the new administration of President Barack Obama would exert "great energy" in pursuit of a two-state Middle East peace settlement.
FORMER US Senator George Mitchell still believes the Northern Ireland political deadlock can be broken and has promised to step up efforts next week.
Chief among these was George Mitchell, the former U.
Envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, prospects of peace and the situation in the region.
Former Senate majority leader George Mitchell, the co-chair of the USOC ethics committee, was appointed by USOC president Bill Hybl to chair the special commission, which is expected to review any past improprieties and make recommendations for rules on future bid and selection processes.